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Abstract Tattoos - 7 Excellent Designs

You may not know it, but tattoos were around since prehistoric times. Many primordial human findings have been found with tattoos all over their bodies', proving the fact that this type of art has been done for thousands of years. In the 20th century tattooing once again became popularly accepted and today, it is all the rage. There are three types of tattoos: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Selecting a tattoo that says "you" can be difficult because there are millions of designs.

Let's chat about some of the more favorite kinds of tattoos.

Tribal Tattoos
Apart from the ordinary colored ones, tribal tattoos are made in darker colors and are incredibly in-demand. Also favored by girls, tribal tattoos however, seem more masculine and aggressive. Abstract tribal tattoos and tribal dragon tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs for men. Tribal tattoos are more creative and abstract and definitely very appealing.

Star Tattoos
Stars generally mean ambitions, dreams, or something you are reaching for. A star tattoo conveys that same definition. You could get a star to signify a new start in your life, a new goal, or to mark something significant in your life. Star tattoos stand for dreams or great choices.

Butterfly Tattoos
Butterflies signify beauty and grace. They are also a icon of transformation and metamorphosis. If you have gone through some change in your life, the butterfly is a fantastic tattoo for you.

Japanese Tattoos
A critical part of the woo of traditional Japanese tattoos are in the capacity of the designs to blossom over time, from small independent individual designs, to wonderful motifs that can cover the entire arm, back, or leg. Every Japanese tattoo has a completely different meaning.

Fairy Tattoos
Fairies are a make-believe female creature and are said to have supernatural powers and also thought of as a minister of peace. A fairy's powers are said to help a person in need. It is believed that fairies are guardians against bad spirits. They represent childhood, protection, serenity, beauty, innocence, and youth. They are very popular with women because of their dainty, angel like characteristics. Fairies have quite a few meanings and are a favorite tattoo designs among females.

Dragon Tattoos
Dragons mean various things. In eastern countries, dragons are thought to be signs of riches and fertility, in western countries, dragons are looked at as an incarnation of the evil spirit and destroyer of home and serenity. Common places for dragon tattoos are on the shoulders, upper arm, chest, lower back, and ankles.

Kanji Tattoos
Kanjis are more a manner of tattoo. If you are considering on getting a kanji be sure that: what you are getting means a lot to you; it is going to age well; and it is accurate in it's meaning. You do not want your kanji to imply something totally different because you were told the incorrect connotation.

And there you have it! Seven excellent tattoo designs and what they signify. Now all you have to do is select what type of motif is right for your next tattoo!

Tattoo After Care - Caring For Your Tattoo

So you did some soul searching and found that perfect design or had an artist draw one for you. After inquiring around you found a good tattoo artist and made the design permanent. Now what do you do to take care of it, what's needed for good tattoo after care and how do you take care of it long term.

The tattoo will have been cleaned by the tattoo artist and some antiseptic applied at the end of the session. This will keep your tattoo guarded from infection until the protective bandage is removed. Now it up to you. The original protective bandage should stay on as long as possible. However you don't want to leave the dressing on for days. Let me explain, it's a good idea to keep the covering on until you are ready to shower the next day.

Don't come home from the tattoo studio and jump straight in the shower. Next time you get in the shower gently clean it with a light soap and water using only your finger tips. Scrubbing the area or using an exfoliating soap is not good.

Ensure that you have clean hands before you touch or clean your tattoo. Keeping your hands clean will mean that you will have virtually no probability of any infection concerns. When you dry off after your shower don't rub, just pat dry and when the skin is fully dry apply your protection.

Some sort of tattoo goo is usually sold at most tattoo shops. There are various kinds products available but they are not a necessity. All that many people use is an inexpensive fragrance free moisturizer.

Many artists also suggest a tube of AD ointment. The vitamin A and D in this ointment are good for healing the skin. For the first couple days you can use AD ointment to keep your tattoo shiny and clean. Although many people recommend that all you need is a fragrance free moisturizer to keep the skim from drying out and relieve the itch. Rubbing hard may damage the skin so again only use a gentle touch. Applying the lotion gently over to whole area will do the trick.

There are some moisturizers that have a 24 hour time release formula. A time release formula helps the skin to stay moist for virtually of the day. You may still choose to reapply the cream at practical times during the day. Using a moisturizer after you shower, roughly the middle of the day and before you go to sleep will help help your tattoo in good condition. As it's rare to apply to much lotion, you can apply it more frequently if you want.

5-6 days is the average time that people find they need to put on the cream, use it a bit longer if it looks like you need to. Another alternative is to start with the AD ointment to keep your tattoo healthy then swap to the unscented moisturizer after 3-5 days. After getting a tattoo your skin will be sore so don't irritate it further with a scented product.

You can stop using all the lotions after your tattoo has healed usually in around 9-14 days. You may find that while your tattoo has healed generally, there is still a scab in some places. Take care not pick at any scabbed area of a tattoo. Be careful and never pick at the scab you can harm the design. For the best results, just leave it alone. If the scab is itchy, put some AD ointment on it.

Remember to protect you tattoo with a sunscreen when your outdoors. If your an outside person and your tattoo is an exposed area, use a moisturizer with built in sunscreen and a high SPF factor. You'll not only guard your tattoo but keep your skin moist at the same time.

It doesn't have to cost you a lot to help your tattoo heal and to continue to protect your investment. A little care and attention now will keep your tattoo infection free and looking good for the long term. Following this advice will help you take care of your new tattoo without any concerns.

Choosing a Tribal Design That is Right For You

Choosing a tribal tattoo can be a difficult task but this article will help you out if you are planning to get tattooed with a great new tribal tattoo. It's worth pointing out that although approximately one in four people have tattoos, many end up disappointed with them because they hurried when choosing their tattoo.

Tribal tattoos have been around for hundreds of years and have recently become extremely popular with non tribal people and you won't have to look far to find someone with an awesome design. In your local tattoo studio you'll likely find many tribal designs. It is important that when choosing a tattoo that you are totally happy with it because you may end up regretting it in years to come. Never feel rushed when you are choosing a tattoo because it is extremely likely that you will choose a tattoo that you are not totally happy with.

You might want to talk to your local tattoo artist about the design you would like and they may be able to create your dream tattoo. It could be that you like a rock star or actors tattoo and your tattoo artist should be able to recreate it from a photo. If you want more ideas then there are many tattoo design galleries online and this can be a great idea because you can view at your leisure without feeling pressured into choosing something just for the hell of it. With thousands of designs to choose from, it is probable that you will find a design that is right for you, and then all you need to do is print out the design and take it to your local tattooist. You could even make up your own design by combining some designs that you find.

Some Things to Know About Tattoo Removal

St Louis tattoo removal is available by several specialists in the area with procedures that are more effective and less painful than older methods. Many young people get tattoos and then later in life, decide the tattoo was not such a good idea and wish to get it removed. Procedures now available use a Q-switched medical laser to get rid of the tattoo or at least make it lighter. The process will leave very little, if any, scaring compared to different tattoo removal methods.

It is important to understand that each tattoo is unique, and the removal process may be slightly different for each tattoo. If you just want it lighten, partially removed or the whole thing removed, a treatment plan would be designed for your desired results.

Although not used much anymore, there are other options beside laser removal. These options include but are not limited to dermabrasion or sanding, chemical peels, and surgical excision. These options were mostly used in the past and are very painful. They also cause permanent damage to the skin, leave scars, and take longer to heal from. With the introduction of laser treatments their use has greatly diminished. The only advantage they did have is they could remove the tattoo in a single treatment where as laser treatments take multiple sessions.

Using an intense pulsed light beam, the laser will lighten or remove the ink when the different wavelengths hit the ink, breaking it into tiny particles. What happens is the ink absorbs the light that makes it shatter. The particles are then absorbed in the skins natural cleansing process, and the lymphatic system will eliminate the ink from the body. To completely remove a tattoo will require multiple treatments. How many depend on the ink, if it was an amateur or professional tattoo and the size. It will take several weeks between treatments for your body to absorb the ink that was broken down.

It is normal for the skin to be white with some reddish color and swelling after the treatment. This will go away slowly in time and is very normal. Occasionally the whitening of the skin last for a while, but usually return to normal color within a few months.

St Louis tattoo removal is offered by many specialists in the area. Going on line to find one and talking to others that have had it done, is a good way to fine a reliable clinic. Most tattoo removal professionals will have a web site that can give you a great amount of information about them and the procedure they might use. One of the most important things to find out is what kind of laser they are using. The most advanced lasers like the MedLite C6 can remove a wider variety of colors than a standard Q-switched laser. Some other important considerations are the fees they charge and their experience and knowledge.

Popular Tribal Tattoo Flash Designs

Choosing an ideal tribal tattoo flash design seems to be so easy. But for a newbie this will surely need some time especially when there are many options to choose from. If you are in this position, it is recommendable to select from popular tribal tattoo flash designs instead of just randomly browsing through the net or checking out magazines and catalogs at the tattoo studio.

Here are some of the most popular among the many tribal tattoo flash designs:

(1) Cross

One of the top favorites among tattoo enthusiasts is the cross because it is very symbolic and can be used in various themes. People who have tribal cross tattoos have various reasons such as expression of faith, to remember a departed loved one, to symbolize hope and many others. Gothic and Celtic tribal tattoo flash designs are two of the most popular themes that use the cross extensively.

(2) "Ta Moko" also known as Maori tattoo

The Maori in New Zealand are of Polynesian descent and they are known for their rich culture which includes the tradition of permanently marking their skins. "Ta Moko" is different from regular tattoo because its process includes carving the skin using chisels or "uhi" which leaves the skin with rough textured grooves. Modern tattoo artists mimic the style and technique of the Maori by using modern-day equipment.

(3) Dragon

Many people, especially the guys, often go for a tattoo design that symbolizes strength and power, which is why the dragon is among the favorites. This mystical creature has been represented in various styles, but if you want to emphasize what it symbolizes it's best to go for the tribal style.

(4) Love

There are many ways to represent love if you want this to be inked onto your skin. There are tribal text styles which you can use in expressing messages to your loved one. Hearts, flowers and kisses are just three of the more common visualizations of love and they are all popular especially to the younger generations.

(5) Angel

A tribal angel inked onto the chest, back or arm is a great representation of one's faith or a belief that there is someone guarding them from harm. People who have angel tattoos may have varying opinions, but the most common is that angels are universally popular because they are aesthetically and symbolically pleasing.

(6) Flower

There are women who love being tattooed with tribal flowers because this symbolizes their femininity but with an edge. And this design is quite popular among younger female artists and clients.

(7) Butterfly

Similar to the flower tattoos, butterflies are among the women's favorites. Often combined with flowers, the butterfly is a great symbol of change or metamorphosis, as well as beauty.

With several options, you will be able to make a decision in no time. Visualize the result in your mind prior to your search of tribal tattoo flash designs on the net. And always remember to ask the artist's opinion especially when it comes to the actual design that you will put on paper and then onto your skin.

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